My Spin on the Scavenger Hunt

For this week’s assignment, I created another Storify about an International Collegiate Twitter Scavenger Hunt. Since I don’t like in Memphis because I’m an online student, my spin on the scavenger hunt was to highlight my town instead of my campus. This one was too long to include as a screen shot, so you’ll have to check the link to see my scavenger hunt about Laramie, WY.

The other part of my assignment was to create a relevant Vine about my town. I made this Vine — highlighting the drive through the Summit into Laramie — because I-80 leading in to my town is important for many reasons.

  1. I-80 is an incredibly popular interstate, meaning there is constant trucker traffic.
  2. The Summit can be dangerous because of its steep grade and steep and rocky sides.
  3. The interstate leading to Laramie has dynamic speed limit signs, meaning the DOT can lower them based on conditions since there is quite a bit of snow, ice and wind around here.
  4. It is not uncommon to be traveling this road and have signs flashing that wind gusts are around 50 MPH.
  5. When the Summit closes due to weather (this happens A LOT!), there is sometimes shortages on certain food in the grocery store and not many people in town can go anywhere.


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