Two blogs are better than one

This week I started a blog specific to my topic of digital storytelling called “What’s Your (Digital) Story?” For this week’s assignment, I added 10 blogs I follow that relate to digital storytelling. Some of these are fun reads like PostSecret, while others are more specific to the growth of the field like the Story Center Blog. You can view all of the blogs I follow in my Blogroll on the new blog site.

I also added an RSS feed to Mashable. There are not many RSS feeds or newsletters that pertain directly to digital storytelling so I decided to go with Mashable. The site covers other areas of interest to me and does occasionally have an interesting article that relates to digital storytelling.

As noted in a previous post, I created a digital storytelling list on Twitter. This list has been great so far and has some interesting and inspiring information regarding digital storytelling. A timeline of the digital storytelling list is also included in the new blog.

Finally, I created a Google Alert for digital storytelling so I can continue to post up-to-date and new information to the digital storytelling blog.

Posts to the digital storytelling blog may include:

  • A specific look into how journalism and digital storytelling are related, as well as the pros and cons of digital storytelling for journalists.
  • A breakdown of how a specific mode (visuals, audio, etc.) can influence an audience. For example, why was the movie “Jaws” so scary?
  • A post on the many different definitions of digital storytelling and how they all relate.
  • A comparison of oral and digital storytelling and a light history of traditional storytelling leading to digital storytelling.
  • A look at some of my favorite (and least favorite) digital stories and who out there is developing these stories.

One comment

  1. Great. I especially like this one: “A breakdown of how a specific mode (visuals, audio, etc.) can influence an audience. For example, why was the movie “Jaws” so scary?” I think this is pretty important and interesting stuff where you can tap into some research in a very practical way. Another thing to think about is storytelling on mobile – that’s something a lot of major news orgs are really working on now.

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