Digital storytelling and digital feedback

I first learned about digital storytelling as an undergrad my senior year in a class on the topic. Most people didn’t really get out of it what I did since the class was a lot of hard work and an upper level English credit. But for me, it really made an impression. Following that class I started an independent study and then worked as a grant consultant for the course that became a service-learning class using digital storytelling to assist organizations in the community or on campus. Now a few years later, I’m still captivated by digital storytelling and using it as the idea for my graduate thesis. So of course the topic of my blog for this semester would be digital storytelling. Now on week 2 for the topic blog, I chatted with two people about the blog, the idea for the blog, and anything and everything in between.

The first person I spoke to was a past professor that has taught the digital storytelling course and is interested in the topic. The second person I spoke to was a librarian that I work with. Why a librarian you ask? Because librarians know a good story when they see it and I can see multiple uses for digital storytelling in libraries. Below are quick ideas that came from these discussions:

  • The blog should continuously share digital stories, even if that is all I have time to post because it will have a greater impact and generate more attention that loads of words.
  • Even though this is more background/research for my thesis, any summary of a journal article or long paper should be related on a more personal and community level (ie. using the movie “Jaws” and the research surrounding that in a way that relates well to people).
  • Interesting blog content could be spotlights of those organizations/groups who are using digital storytelling and making an impact. Diversity is important in this area so I should go beyond large and popular organizations and showcase a more individualistic side of the story as well.
  • Both parties were interested in me more directly covering why digital storytelling is important to me as a way to encourage a bigger audience and a more credible blog.
  • The current features and design of my blog were high points. The Ira Glass quote was popular and it was suggested I could also use quotes about digital storytelling as supplemental posts when I’m short on time.
  • The professor was interested in me explaining how digital storytelling has grown to more than just an academic field and how it influences culture in terms of advertising and audience perception.
  • The librarian was interested in me highlighting how digital storytelling can help libraries to grow and use media in more specific ways that relate to patrons.

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