Just a photo a day

The requirements are fairly easy. Just post one photo a day to social media. Yet this assignment has proved to be one of the more difficult ones so far in this course. To date, the main thing I’ve learned from this assignment is that a 365 day challenge of any sort can be difficult. I don’t find it difficult because of the daily element; remembering to actually post a photo hasn’t really been an issue .

Instead, the challenge — and another thing I’ve learned — is that my life isn’t terrifically exciting, meaning my photos don’t always get high engagement — or any — from followers. While my life is busy with four jobs and various side projects, my day-to-day actions are more than likely only highly interesting to me. For example, if I decided to showcase my job each day with a photo, I would most likely be posting photo after photo of a meeting. Not the most exciting thing to see on social media.

This leads me to the other — and more important — thing I have learned. If you’re going to do a 365 challenge, you should have a theme. At the beginning of the semester I thought a theme would be inhibiting because I wouldn’t be able to just showcase the most exciting part of my day. Now I realize how important a theme can be in driving engagement and keeping you as the content creator interested and passionate about the challenge. The theme doesn’t need to be particularly specific, as shown by two 365 day challenges where the creators took shots of a lighthouse and clouds.

In short, I would recommend doing a 365 day photo project to anyone who has a creative and sustainable idea or theme and think it could be a helpful endeavor for job prospects or those who are high users of social media.


One comment

  1. Good, Caitlin. I know it can definitely be a challenge. Although you’ve done a great job, really kind of showing us what life in such a pretty place is like. Doing all of this and managing four jobs definitely is tough!

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