#ContentChat: Content and Engagement

I attended the weekly #ContentChat for the Twitter chat assignment. This week’s guest was Dennis Shiao, director of product marketing at DNN Corp. The topic for this week was “How to create content that spurs online community engagement.” Most of the attendees were regulars so the introductions took about 10 minutes before we got to the actual topic. Below is a quick recap of the chat:

Q1: What constitutes online community engagement? Group said it depends on your community and the  likelihood that members will return tomorrow. Obviously social media plays a big part here. Examples included active involvement through posts, votes, likes, replies, etc. Engagements is interaction and community engagement could be measured by if it sparks a dialogue.

Q2: Why is online community engagement important in content marketing? There is a need for a strong community connection and active engagement can help to hold this community together. Engagement is important because is can help guide strategy, your audience holds the answer to what you create and people want to participate.

Q3: What topics are more likely to spur discussion? Obviously a good examples would be the Oscars where the Twitter community became part of the show. Other topics could include content about controversy, questions and current events. Comments that evoke emotion are also included. A participant posted an article about emotions that help you go viral.

Q4: What content formats elicit better engagement? Video has proven lately to do well or interactive formats such as buttons, embedded code, etc. Users should be able to engage as they consume the content. Content needs to be eye appealing. Make sure users can comment on your topics. It is also helpful if the format is quick and easy for the audience to absorb.

Q5: How can content be used to elicit content creation in the community? Posts that say you will share their content. Issuing crowd sourcing challenges. Try scavenger hunts or campaigns. Recognize all contributions.

Q6: How do you keep the content going? Ask follow up questions and share links. Personal outreach is a must.

Final thoughts: “Try to make your actual community as engaged as your content community.”

Final thoughts on the Twitter chat:

  • Not sure Twitter chats fit well in to my schedule, but seem to be a valuable opportunity.
  • I thought the chat was really interesting and there were many resources I picked up during it.
  • The engagement factor alone with all the participants was fantastic. Thanks to all those who offered this great advice on content and engagement.

*An update to this post: The chat went really well and I was able to generate some engagement from it. I had one chat participant (@Atomic_Reach) tweet, “Holy moly @CaitlinWhite3, #contentchat isn’t even over yet & you’ve already blogged about it! Nice write up! http://ow.ly/uceLH .” Then they followed that up with, “And THAT’s how you create community engagement, content marketing, sharing & value! Nice one @CaitlinWhite3. #contentchat.”

These tweets were really encouraging since it was my first Twitter chat. These tweets were retweeted 8 times, favorites 5 times, and I was thanked for my post 4 times. I also received two chat invitations, was added to a chat list, and was followed by 5 people. It was great to see how you can build your Twitter community and I’m definitely going to fit Twitter chats into my schedule.



  1. Sounds like this was a great discussion, and as we have talked about in class, engagement is such a hot issue in all forms of media and news today. These are pretty solid pieces of advice, and I’m thrilled you got good feedback and engagement as a result of participating in it.

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