Location, Location, Location

This week’s reading were all about location-based social networking. Mashable has a location-based social networking area where you can read all the news about these types of services. I read the article “5 Creative Location-Based Campaigns for Small Businesses” hoping to gain some insight into how I may use these services professionally. The article went through five different campaigns, which are summarized here.

1) DBA Barbecue in Atlanta, GA: This restaurant offers free/discounted food for people who check in using FourSquare. Customers who check in are also thanked and the added visibility is great for the restaurant.

2) AJ Bombers in WI: The owner of this establishment wrote a book called “FourSquare Works.” He has had a lot of success using a ‘Swarm Badge’ to grow the fan base as 51 people have to check in to unlock the badge. AJ Bombers also posts facts about food; one post made sales go up 30% in the first week.

3) Boloco in Boston, MA: The restaurant used LevelUp on SCVNGR to encourage customers to return to the restaurant in order to get better and better deals on food.

4) Monique’s Chocolates in California: The owner of this chocolate store took our a newspaper ad for a BOGO deal and placed the same deal on FourSquare. The ad yielded one new customer, while FourSquare yielded 30+. The FourSquare mayor idea  has also been helpful as people compete to be mayor of the shop.

5) Colibri Cuisine in Texas: This food truck uses FourSquare to drive traffic at low points in the day and gives a free churro to anyone who leaves a tip about the food on FourSquare.

I also read “7 Ways Journalists Can Use FourSquare.” It’s a few years old now, but does give some good insight. The first way it can be used it to find targeted contacts. I did this quite a bit when I was an intern in DC. I would need a couple sources related to the opening of the new Apple store or quotes from consumers about a restaurant going out of business. Using social media, it was easy to find people that were Apple users, frequented the neighborhood, and were nearby at the exact time I was writing the story. FourSquare has also shown to be good for breaking news and sourcing information from tips. Journalists can use the service to better profile people, as their profiles can give information on their likes and dislikes and normal habits. Lastly, journalists can use FourSquare to discover and monitor trends, publish content, and for crowd sourcing news.

Here is another good resource on mobile resources for journalists.


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  1. Cool. Neat to me to see businesses making Foursquare work. Foursquare also has so much data that can be really useful for businesses to use.

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