It’s Storytime

For the rest of the semester, I will implement and track several goals related to my social media presence and digital storytelling blog. My goals and accompanying engagement metric ideas are included below with reasoning as to why I picked these goals.


  1. Increase the number of followers related to my blog focus on my Twitter profile and on my digital storytelling blog. Reasoning – My Twitter profile is less than helpful at the moment to direct traffic to my blog. By working to increase my social media presence, my followers should increase as will the attention paid to my blog.
  2. Post at least twice a week to my digital storytelling blog. Reasoning – I will be unable to increase followers on Twitter or on my blog if there is nothing new for people to look at. Since these goals relate heavily to my digital storytelling blog, my content must be consistent and engaging.
  3. Become an active Twitter user that posts regularly, connects with followers, uses proper hashtags and attends Twitter chats. Reasoning – My Twitter profile needs activity in order to increase followers and for me to effectively use the social networking platform. Increased activity will allow for the possibility of increased engagement through followers to Twitter or my blog.
  4. Actively read tweets and blog content from professionals with an interest in digital storytelling. Reasoning – In order to successfully encourage engagement for myself, I need to be noticed as someone who is passionate about the topic and noticed by other professionals in the field. To do this, I need to make my presence known.
  5. Test different types of content through tweets and blog posts in order to discover which types generate the best engagement. Reasoning – While increased activity can help in making my Twitter profile and blog more popular, there is no guarantee that all my followers are actually paying attention to my posts. By testing different types of content I can effectively determine what my followers will pay most attention to when it appears in their timeline.


  1. For the first goal, I will monitor the increases to my number of followers on Twitter and on the blog. While this will be fairly easy to track, increased numbers of followers will assist me in meeting my other goals. It is also a valuable metric that will be able to show an increase over time and in relation to content I’m posting. In addition, tracking my overall new followers versus my new followers that are related to digital storytelling may assist me in finding out what types of posts or tweets work best for users related to my blog topic.
  2. For the second goal, I will not be using a specific metric, as the goal doesn’t really call for it. It is again a stepping stone to allow me to complete my other goals. This goal is the challenge to myself, as I would like to see increased followers of the blog since I find the topic so interesting.
  3. For the third goal, I will monitor my progress in followers, as well as increases or decreases in retweets and favorites. I will monitor my increases overall, but will also record the changes related to a specific post or Twitter chat. This metric will allow me to show if increased activity on social media allows my blog to gain additional followers. In addition, I will monitor the hashtags I use and see if those have an effect on my progress.
  4. For the fourth goal, I will monitor Twitter and retweet a follower if the tweet links to content I will then read. I will track how many times I retweet followers who are promoting digital storytelling content and track if I receive any engagement from this practice. I will also leave a comment on each piece of content I read that references the article and includes a link to my blog. From this increased activity and engagement with others interested in digital storytelling, I will be able to see if my participation encourages others to participate on my blog.
  5. For the fifth goal, I will use several metrics using my own analytics. This goal is one I often use on the organization pages I monitor. By testing different types of tweets and blog posts in terms of format, I should be able to test which types of content generate engagement and influence my social media presence. For example, one organization’s social media posts that I create and monitor must be mainly textual content. Multimedia or links to other content is not viewed by those followers, which has led that organization to adapt its posts to actually reach its followers.

Tracking of these goals will start today. I will keep a specific spreadsheet that lists dates and information pertaining to each goal. Wish me luck!


One comment

  1. Wow, Caitlin, I’m so impressed. You are just rocking this class. These are ambitious but good goals, and your clarity in writing about them and how you will measure them and what the reasoning is…fantastic.

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