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I established my LinkedIn profile in 2010. I was still an undergraduate student so my profile was fairly basic. Now a few years later, my profile is at the All Star level on the site. I’m a little rigid about who I allow to connect with me. I have 73 connections and all of them are people I actually know, or at least have spoken to and could benefit from a professional connection. I show up fairly regularly in search results and my profile is viewed consistently.

To enhance my profile for this week’s assignment, I made any necessary updates to my profile and then focused on making beneficial changes to my network section. I requested connections with a few new people in my community. This was an important update, as I recently joined Rotary and have made new connections there. I also updated my interests area. Professionally, I joined groups such as the American Library Association, grant writing groups and a marketing think tank for public libraries. I had to receive approval for many of these groups. I even had to take a survey to be eligible for one. In relation to digital storytelling, I joined groups such as Friends of the Center for Digital Storytelling. Lastly, I updated my Pulse (news and information) with new channels and influencers, such as a female nonprofit director channel.


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